Solderless Breadboard Jumper Cables - 75 Piece Colour Coded Wire Kit Male - Male M/M

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75 Piece Breadboard Jumper Kit

This a high quality 75 piece breadboard jumper kit. Typically used for electronics projects and sold by us an accessory for use with our Genuine Arduino products. 

Used with a breadboard they allow you to prototype your circuit designs using through hole products pushed directly into the board. 

We also stock a range of components and breadboards for your electronics projects.

Technical Spec
  • 55 x ~100mm Jumpers
  • 10 x ~120mm Jumpers
  • 5 x ~180mm Jumpers
  • 5 x ~220mm Jumpers
  • Male to Male
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Reusable